Marketing, Sales and Distribution

AMCO has always been committed to building brands and exceeding suppliers’ objectives.  All this is accomplished by our expert team of highly specialized marketing and sales personnel.

Overview and Capabilities

  • AMCO has a marketing team of 20 professionals, including Marketing Managers, Brand Managers and Trade Development Officers.  These persons are responsible for building, growing and nurturing the brands in the territory.
  • The distribution fleet consists of over 30 vehicles and services approximately 3500 customers throughout Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Our sales force of 50 salespeople cover more than 3500 outlets with the support of a team of over 80 merchandisers.  The Van and Area Sales teams and Merchandising teams are supervised by Area Sales Managers

Sales and Brand Management

  • Sales Managers manage a team of  Key Accounts Sales representatives who are responsible for servicing the Key Pharmacy and Supermarket Accounts.  The Senior Sales Managers take ownership of the Key Accounts and are in direct contact with major stakeholders; managing, guiding and assisting purchasing decision-makers with stocking and merchandising recommendations as well as optimum product selection.
  • Business Development and Trade Development Officers also consult with key entrepreneurs to assist in the identification of opportunities to assist in the growth of brands/services.
  • Business Unit Managers are responsible for specific portfolios, which delivers the focus necessary to grow the business consistently and profitably.

AMCO is committed to supporting the development of the suppliers’ portfolios in Trinidad by investing in:

  1. Human Resources – required to fully support the growth of the business.
  2. Marketing support commitment – AMCO willingly invests with suppliers to develop and grow the business in Trinidad & Tobago.
  3. Supporting the brands at the trade level: training and education.
  4. Participation in continuing programmes to secure new business from doctors and pharmacists.
  5. Other mutually beneficial activities.

Distribution Channels

  • – Membership Clubs
  • – Supermarkets
  • – Grocery Stores
  • – Mini Marts
  • – Government Medical Institutions
  • – Private Medical Institutions
  • – Pharmacies
  • – Educational Institutions
  • – Entertainment Complexes
  • – Wholesalers

and more!