Mission, Vision & Values

MISSION: To connect consumers to brands that enrich their lives.

VISION: To be the Distributor of choice in Trinidad & Tobago for Suppliers globally and Customers locally.


DISCIPLINE – We value our ability to be systematic, consistent and performance driven in the achievement of our goals and objectives.

RESPECT – We value Employees, Customers and Suppliers by providing a working environment  conducive to learning, development, innovation and collaboration amongst our stakeholders.

COMMITMENT – We will recognize and reward commitment, determination and outstanding performance.

AGILITY – We believe our agility is critical to our competitiveness.  We are proactive and respond timely and appropriately to the ever changing environment.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Our approach to work is one of tenacity and we look for opportunities for continuous improvement even in the face of adversity.

FAIRNESS – We will treat each other, customers, principals and all with whom we interact equitably.